Educational infos

For the web project #uploading_holocaust educational material (for german schools) is available you may employ in your school, institution, or youth club. It is suitable for adolescents age 15 or over. It introduces to the web project and the goals pursued therein, explains how it can be evaluated in cooperation with adolescents, and offers suggestions on how you may intensify various topics in class or a workshop context.

Download educational material

Topics for intensification are: different views on the Holocaust, journeys to Poland, founding of Israel, and cultures of remembrance in Israel, Austria, and Germany. A guideline is offered on how to design your own project to commemorate the Holocaust, and document the project by way of a cell phone video. The educational material includes video interviews with three experts on the cultures of remembrance in Israel, Austria, and Germany. The video interviews are embedded in the educational section; you can download the german educational section as a PDF file.

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Expert interviews

  • Yariv Lapid (12 videos)

  • Martin Schellenberg (14 videos)

  • Heidemarie Uhl (12 videos)